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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Stripes on Stripes on Stripes

Hi loves! Wow it's been a hot minute.  I'm sorry for my recent break from blogging.  I'm not sure if you all saw my Instagram post, but my mother passed away just about two weeks ago.  It's something I think about everyday, but I'm trying to get back into a routine here to keep me busy and distracted.

So I'll just jump right into my favorite trend right now.  And as you can probably guess, it's STRIPES.  I mean look at my IG history, my feed is legit blowing up with stripes.  I can't get enough.  And the best part is that not all of these items are brand new purchases - which means that stripes really don't go out of style.  I've had some of these items for a while and I'm now starting to recycle them.  Don't you love when you can do that?!?

Starting with my first two looks.  Both of these adorable striped tops are from Everly Oak.  They have amazing, trendy pieces that are super affordable. I immediately fell in love with both of these tops and couldn't help but add them to my shopping cart.  The one shoulder top is so perfect for summer and I've already gotten quite a few wears of it.  

Now let's talk about those sleeves on my second look.  Can you say amazing? 
Stripes - Bell Sleeves - Ruffle Detail
Does a shirt get any better than that?  Probably not!
I'm wearing a size small and it fits true to size. 

And finally - my last look.  This adorable cotton romper is from J. Crew Factory last summer.  It is seriously the most comfortable thing ever.  It is definitely a more casual piece, but I dressed it up here with some wedges and the right accessories.  I'm wearing a size XS in this - I tend to think J. Crew runs a little big so I sized down. 

So to sum things up - go for the stripes this summer.  They're sticking around and definitely my go to year round.


Monday, May 1, 2017

Watch Craze

Happy Monday loves!  So I've been going through a watch craze lately.  I keep finding all of these cute watches and I just have to have them!  When I saw the Welly Merck watches I immediately fell in love.  These are such classic timepieces and they go with everything,

I went for the Classic Chicago G 36 mm style - and how fitting that the name of it is Chicago and I'm from and live in Chicago!  I totally didn't even realize that when I ordered it.  Ok done being a dork.

Any way, if you're in the market for a good watch, I would highly suggest checking out Welly Merck.  They have a lot of great options for both men and women.  I always think that a watch makes such a perfect gift for the man in your life.  I bought my husband a nice watch as his wedding gift and he loves it. 

The other cool thing about these watches is that the straps are interchangeable.  So you can start with a classic gold or silver and swap out the strap for maybe a leather or clothe one - so versatile!  And the price point really isn't bad either.  The Classic Chicago is $265, which when you think about it, is almost like getting multiple watches for that price since you can totally change the look of it with different straps. 

You can get 20% off when you use my discount code "whitneyandwm."  Check them out for yourself here!


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Eve Cork Collaboration

Happy Easter loves!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I feel like I needed this weekend to organize my life and get things back on track.  I guess that's just how it goes sometimes!

So while getting organized, I started thinking about these awesome bags that I received from Eve Cork.  Everything they make is sustainable and vegan.  Their bags are super unique and not like anything I've ever seen before.  I decided on the Eiffel Messenger Bag in black and a makeup bag.

The messenger bag is a perfect size and can easily fit everything you need to go out with - wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, lip gloss and keys.  I also love that the cross body strap is removable.  The cross body is perfect for a day time look and running errands.  But you can totally dress it up by removing the strap and just wearing it as a clutch. I use it both ways all of the time!

And let me tell you - the makeup bag is awesome!  It fits everything. I somehow always accumulate more and more things in my makeup bag...and this thing just doesn't get full. 

Check out these bags here and grab one for yourself!  AND if you use my code "somethingwhitty," you'll get 15% off your purchase!! I've got my eye on one of the duffels next!

❤️ Whit

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Shop Pink Blush Collaboration

Hey guys! I'm finally back...sometimes life happens and you just need a little hiatus. 
Between starting a new job and figuring out how to deal with some family things going on, I just haven't had the energy to dedicate much time to my blog.  That being said, I'm working on finding a balance and seeing what makes me happy.  My goal is to still post on here a few times per month.

So let's kick off the month of April with a collaboration I worked on with PinkBlush. 
This is an online boutique with both maternity and non-maternity clothing.  Now not to confusion anyone here - I went for the non-maternity pieces!

I decided on this adorable striped top with lace trim.  The material is nice and light, and a little bit see through - which doesn't bother me.  I've already worn it so many times!  it is so comfortable and pairs perfectly with leggings for a casual, day time look - or for a wine night in with friends on the couch 🍷😀

Although you may only think of this top as casual, I definitely think you can dress it up!
I wore it with some joggers and added a strappy heel.  Now you can see how this can go straight from day to night.  You might already know this, but I love joggers.  It feels like you are wearing pajamas, but you are looking real chic while doing it. 

This trendy online boutique has so many adorable choices, and not to mention, everything is super affordable! Check them out!!


Shop my looks here:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Feeling European

Does anyone else feel a little French or Italian when they put on a striped long sleeve top?  Just me??

Well even if you don't feel the European vibes, you can't deny that a thin striped top never goes out of style.  It's kind of funny - I actually bought this crop top from H&M like 2 years ago and never wore it.  And granted, I only paid $10 for it, I couldn't get rid of it after never wearing it. 

So I recently found the perfect pair of high waisted wide leg pants - which by the way, every woman needs a pair of these!  They are seriously the most comfortable pants.  It feels like you're wearing pajamas, but you still look so incredibly chic.  And you can totally dress these up or down.

Any way - back to the striped top. I bought these pants and immediately remembered that $10 top. It goes perfectly with these pants, and now that I've finally worn it, I want to buy 5 more similar tops.  J. Crew had some super cute ones this past winter - and a turtleneck version that I'm slapping myself for not buying!  

Shop my look here:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Why We All Need Some Fur in Our Lives

What's that you say?  Oh that you want to buy a fur vest or fur jacket this year? DO IT!  Seriously it is worth the investment.  And what's even better - faux fur has gotten so good that you can barely even tell it's faux!  AND the price is a fraction of what the real stuff costs.

Now don't get me wrong, real fur is kind of amazing (I know I shouldn't admit that). And it literally lasts a lifetime.  The other weekend, I borrowed my mom's fur stole for an event. Before it was hers, it was her mom's.  So this thing has been around for over 50 years and it is still looking oh so fabulous.

Now, I totally get it if you don't want to spend a pretty penny on real fur - or if you're against it. That's where faux fur comes in. I swear every brand now offers some type of faux fur.  The prices range from the 30's all the way up into the hundreds.  Personally, if I'm getting faux fur, I don't want to spend more than $100 on it.  The good thing is - you can definitely find that!  

I've gathered some super cute pieces for you all.  You can shop them below!

Friday, February 3, 2017

11th Annual Evening of Bridal Luxury

We all know that the holidays and New Year's are a very popular time to get engaged, right?   Yes! And what better way to celebrate a recent engagement (whether it's yours or your friend's!) than attending the bridal event of the year?!?

Let's see...there might be a few, but going to an amazing bridal event is def at the top of that list.  

So I've got the scoop for you.  Modern Luxury Weddings Chicago is hosting their 11th Annual Evening of Bridal Luxury.  

Bridal luxury, you say? Why yes!  

Well what does that entail? Let me tell you!

💍 The unveiling of the Vera Wang Bride Fall 2017 Bridal Collection

💍 An exclusive viewing of Harry Winston's latest collection (I mean...that right there is enough for me to go!!!)

💍 Culinary creations by the chefs at Trump International Hotel & Tower® Chicago

💍 Event decor inspirations by HMR Design

💍 Music, photography and video styling by Fig Weddings

💍 Luxury gift bags featuring the best of the Chicago wedding industry—exclusively for brides/grooms-to-be


💍 A portion of the proceeds will benefit Bright Pink

What more can you ask for??  Oh and I almost forgot to mention - in addition to the yummy food, there will be champagne 🥂 🍾 Well, I'm sold. 

So I will be there as the guest of honor all evening, instagramming my experience and hopefully meeting so many beautiful brides (and grooms)-to-be!!

I hope you will join me and help support this amazing event.  You can purchase tickets here!